About Us


Choose Your Plan

We offer three plans. A one-off plan for when you need a couple of hours of extra revision. We also provide the short and longer-term plans. Should you wish to get some extra revision, we suggest the shorter-term revision, although, the covering of a full syllabus is usually covered on a longer-term plan. Prior to deciding what is best for you, you may wish to contact us on [email protected]


Choose Your Subject

We cover any subject and at any level. We usually suggest online tutoring for students from the ages of 13 upwards. We also cover subjects at university level. 

You may take up lessons as a form of revision, or else to sit for the subject as a private candidate. In such case, your study plan will focus on covering the full syllabus, including any projects required.


Agree A Time

All our slots are at a minimum of one hour slots. We can provide lessons throughout the day, between 8am - 10pm on a daily basis, including weekends. 

You are advised to notify us immediately, should you be unable to take up any pre-set slots, due to appointments or any other commitment.


Attend The Lesson

Lessons are held over Skype. You will be provided with the username linked to your tutor. 

You will be asked to have all of your books, worksheets and queries ready for your lesson. 

Classes are to be held in a quiet room without or with as little distractions as possible. We also suggest that the student uses a head-set for the best experience.

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